3 Pill Morning Launches New PledgeMusic Campaign!

To our incredibly supportive family, friends and fans:

We can do amazing things if we work together! Today we are launching our first ever PledgeMusic Campaign to get YOU involved with the making of our new album! We are so excited to try something new for the unbelievably supportive fans we have. We got crazy creating some behind the scenes experiences and with that we are so stoked to drop a brand new song called "Bottom of the Barrel." ANYONE who wants to pledge and be a part of this will instantly get our new song! Check out our project and pick up an experience package that we promise you'll never forget! You will get exclusive updates and access to the entire process! Spread the word, be a part of the next evolution of 3 Pill Morning! Thank you so much for your help!!!


Stay tuned for more! Jeff, Riplee, Trent, Jon

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